bitcoinHow many companies are shaping the future of crypto-tech computing, decentralized services, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and the Blockchain? Who are they?

I spent the last month combing and classifying through the crypto-technology market, and what started like a 3-day spreadsheet project with an expectation of reaching 100 companies, mushroomed into a large publishable database of 425 companies, spread across 64 sub-categories. The data now resides in an open “Silk”, a powerful Web service for publishing data.

The various companies are classified into 4 major categories, as depicted by this graph:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.43.56 AM

Here’s how the company count distribution stacks up, according to this donut graph.

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The top 3 categories with the most players are:

In the Explore mode, you can drill-down by any of the 4 categories (Applications, Middleware Services, Ancillary Services, Infrastructure & Platforms), by sub-categories (e.g. wallets, exchanges, etc.), or you can search directly for a given company.

This is a short post because the main thing about it is the database of companies. So, instead of reading a long post, feel free to visit the Crypto-Silk site and explore these companies and categories. And if you’d like to be notified of updates to the database, you can click the FOLLOW link on top of the page, and choose to receive a Daily or Weekly email. Finally, please leave comments here if you have feedback or suggestions. I plan on making regular updates.  
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