Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.10.56 PMToday, I’m making a symbolic stop at the Kickstarter Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York to launch my 2 upcoming books as a Kickstarter campaign. These book ideas have been percolating in my head over the past several months, and I have finally put the final details and structure behind them to the point that I can announce them. Here’s me at the Kickstarter office, after slugging through some Brooklyn snow. image There is a reason why I am splitting this work into two books, and not just one. The first book is focused on the Blockchain specifically and its use cases, and I feel there’s a need to get that book out asap, in April 2016. I have already written about 70% of that book, and the rest will be finished in the next 6 weeks. Decentralization is a bigger topic. It is one of the outcomes of blockchain-enabled implementations, and it deserves a longer treatment. I’m coining this new term, Centerless to emphasize the emerging trend of decentralization. The main benefits of supporting this campaign is that you’ll be the early recipients of these books at lower prices (Amazon’s prices are expected to be 50% higher), while helping me to produce them with the highest possible quality. I’m not going to repeat what I’m laying out in the Kickstarter campaign, but if you’d like to learn more and support my work, please head over the campaign page and pledge any amount you feel comfortable with. For large companies, I would recommend the quantity option (50 or 100). That way, you’ll be able to educate your organization accordingly. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to delivering these 2 books to you. Here is the campaign link.]]>