It’s not just about ICOs. Initial Cryptocurrency Offering are only one manifestation of what blockchain-based token models enable.

The bigger theme at play is the innovation potential behind discovering new business models that are supported by cryptographic tokens, with or without a financial component attached to it.

With my finger on the pulse of this storm, coupled by a good repertoire of relationships with many of the key players and best minds around this subject, I decided to organize a one-day event that will focus on debating the issues surrounding this new blockchain frontier.

My partner for this event is Nick Tomaino from The Control and Runa Capital, as co-host and co-program curator. Nick is one of the few people I know with a deep understanding of this ecosystem, and he is anchored in Silicon Valley

We have identified the following themes that will be debated in a variety of formats, including on-stage interviews and panels.

Token-based Business Models

How do tokens contribute to a business model? When do they make sense? How does an entrepreneur monetize? Where is the real value?

Token Protocols and Platforms

What are the emerging token-based assets? Where/How are we going to trade them? What are the implications for fund managers?

Distribution Mechanics

Lessons and best practices for pre, during and post initial cryptocurrency and token sales, including governance.

Valuation Strategies

How do investors and users value tokens? How does a token transition from a speculative to utilitarian function?

Legal Implications

Legal, regulatory and ethical practices for token creations.

Ecosystem End-State and Analysis

The data behind the activity and ecosystem. Where are we going? Is there market frothiness? How will public/private blockchains interact?

We are only announcing an initial roster of 16 speakers. Each speaker is directly involved in a leadership position in one facet or the other, pertaining to tokens creation, implementation, or management. The final list of speakers will most likely be number 35-40. If you are doing something interesting in this space, and would like to present, please send me an email summarizing your particular work or experience, and why you’d be a good fit.

The first batch of speakers that are announced are Kathleen Breitman, COO of Tezos; Jake Brukhman, co-founder of CoinFund; Chris Burniske, Blockchain Products Lead at ARK Invest; Olaf Carlson-Wee, founder of Polychain Capital; Hadrian Charlanes, CEO of Stabl; Simon de la Rouviere, blockchain engineer at ConsenSys, Brendan Eich inventor of Javacript and founder of Brave; Brock Pierce, managing partner at Blockchain Capital; Marco Santori, fintech lead partner at Cooley; Ned Scott, co-founder & CEO of Steemit; Erik Voorhees, founder & CEO of Shapeshift; Nick Tomaino of Runa Capital and The Control; Peter Van Valkenburgh, director of research at the Coin Center; David Vorick, co-founder & CEO of Sia; Linda Xie, product manager at Coinbase; and Will Warren, founder & CEO of 0x.

The date (May 25) and place (New York) for the event have been judiciously chosen to occur on the same week as Consensus 2017, CoinDesk’s flagship blockchain event, where I launched my book last year. Consensus 2017 will attract close to 2,000 people, making New York the center of everything related to cryptocurrencies, blockchains and Bitcoin for that week. Token Summit aims to attract 350-400 participants that care for, are involved in, or want to learn about the potential of token-based business models.

The conference website is Token Summit. The first 100 registrants will benefit from the low $249 ticket price level. We expect the conference to attract a mix of attendees from global locations.

We are still considering a few locations for the conference venue. If you have suggestions or are someone that operates a cool venue, please let us know.

Get your tickets soon, and see you in New York!]]>