First, here’s the final video from the Token Summit. It is my opening talk (7.5 minutes) in 2 parts that were chained together by post-video editing.

In the first part, I set the stage for the conference (followed by my partner Nick Tomaino’s introductory remarks), and this is when I reminded the audience that we were here to discuss token business models, not the price of tokens.

In the second part, I introduced the Tokens Reality Quadricle, a take on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, but applied to token-based companies. Since this talk, I have updated the Quadricle twice, and here is the latest rendition (version 1.3). I added new companies, moved some from Darkness to Transition, and others from Transition to Reality. That slide will be continuously updated on the Slideshare link, so feel free to follow my account to be notified when I upload a new file.

I’ll admit that I’m not entirely happy with the label “Darkness’. I originally chose it to emphasize the fact that several projects were not doing a good enough job with regular market updates about their rate of progress. Self-reporting is a hard thing, especially if you are not doing as well as anticipated. So, I’m thinking about splitting the Darkness segment into two categories, and removing the Launch sector, because it only indicated that the ICO had taken place, which isn’t a big deal.

Later in the video, I outlined a high level view of how I’m seeing the various segments of the tokens/ICO ecosystem develop. This is a works-in-progress depiction, and I’ll have an upcoming post on this topic in the next few weeks.

Endnote: All videos from the Token Summit are now available on the Token Summit YouTube channel.