In the past few weeks, there has been a flurry of news at the intersection of blockchain and the coronavirus. 

As someone who watches the industry news diligently (via OnCoins), I curated a related collection of such new, and they range into four buckets of activity:

  • Scams and fraudulent activities
  • Lending computational resources
  • Devising blockchain-based solutions 
  • Donating funds or material 

Here is the collection of 18 articles, (and I will continue to add to it if you’d like to save this link.

Focus on Blockchain+Coronavirus: Global Crypto Community Comes Out in Full Force Against Coronavirus

Certainly, the first category (scams) is unfortunate and unwanted. 

But the second and third categories are not going to yield anything significant. They are opportunistic publicity-seeking initiatives that are diverting blockchain projects from their original goals of working on blockchain-specific solutions.

The fourth category is a perfect one. This is where the blockchain industry is donating funds or specific material to help mitigate the effects of this terrible virus situation. I wished that most of the activities focused on that, without the diversions of #2 and #3.

The Coronavirus is a medical issue, and it will be solved and resolved by healthcare professionals and researchers, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies. Frankly, the blockchain doesn’t add anything to these efforts that is not already available via more efficient and existing means. It is a stretch for an industry that is already stretched and continuously challenged to prove its usefulness on a daily basis.

I wished the blockchain industry would stay focused on blockchain technology and its deployment rather than become distracted by dreaming solutions to the Coronavirus.