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The 4 P's of Growth

growth image2I’ve been trying to devise a thought framework for Growth that blends Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, and Foundational Marketing together into some clarity. What came out is a categorization along 4 approaches to think about, related to growth. You might initially focus on one or the other, but eventually, you will have to pull all these levers so you can hit on all the proverbial cylinders.

Growth is Growth: It's not a Debate & it’s not a Bitch

Growth is growth. There is no debate about it. And it’s not a bitch unless you’re focused on the rate of Growth, and not Growth itself. For context, a few days ago, Semil Shah wrote a post entitled “We need to have a debate about Growth”, and Fred Wilson posted today “Growth is a Bitch.” It’s not fair to compare the characteristics of growth between a mature company like Apple, and a thriving startup that is on a growth trajectory.

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