Startup Management is a manual selection from the hundreds of weekly articles being curated. Previous issues are available here. There are 23 links in this edition. Forward to a friend, so they can sign-up and benefit too. Venture Capital David Teten of ff Venture Capital just announced the availability of a 13-page paper, The Lower-Risk Startup: How Venture Capitalists Increase the Odds of Startup Success. It was published in the Journal of Private Equity a few months ago, and you can download the complimentary pdf from this link. There’s another new 112-page report, the New York Venture Capital Almanac, published by CB Insight. It tallies the funding activities of the top VCs in New York, and their relationships with one another. Toping off the topic of Venture Capital, I wrote this analysis, Battle of the Tech Ecosystems: Boston vs. New York, relying on Mattermark data. Finally, Fred Wilson asks Are Universities the New VCs?, an idea he has promoted to a number of universities for some time now.