If you know me well, you know that I’ve had an obsession with content aggregation and curation. It’s been a passion of mine for as long as I remember, which led to one of my previous startups, Eqentia (founded in 2008) as a content aggregation/curation/publishing platform.

Fast forward to the crypto era, I found myself struggling in keeping-up with the news in that sector. So, in 2014 I bought the domain Oncoins.org and started aggregating news for my own. In 2015, I opened the site to the public, Announcing Super News Aggregator, OnCoins, and the first iteration of that site was born. At the time, I was using Feedly as an anchor, and the site was polling about 144 feeds and going through ~200 articles per day.

Today, after several more iterations since 2015, and the most major one done in the past month, I’m re-launching OnCoins as a true Techmeme-like destination for the crypto/blockchain sector. OnCoins monitors more than 500 sources, and we developed the required tools and processes to enable efficient curation, surfacing of Top News and linkage to related stories.

On Oncoins, content is categorized into four major buckets:

  • Top News, typically, under 8 headlines for a given day
  • Other News, anything else that is not a Top News but worthy of following
  • Long Reads/Opinion, where the longer or opinion pieces go
  • Markets, where the financial/exchanges related content will live

OnCoins visitors can signup to a daily email that will consist of a recap of the past 24 hours of news. For now, we plan on sending it at the end of the day (EST).

In addition to OnCoins, and to demonstrate the power of the platform we have built, I have also launched a companion site: Eth2020.org, a separate site that is entirely focused on news related to Ethereum and its huge ecosystem.

Please head over to OnCoins and Eth2020 and see them for yourself. If you like it, visit often during the day, and sign-up to receive a daily email.

If you are interested in a similar type of website for your own ecosystem (in crypto or not), please email me to discuss.