A lot has been written about starting-up, getting funded, developing a lean product, and using various digital tools to measure progress, but not enough has been written about the management aspects related to the growth and scaling required to achieve true success. That is the sweet spot we aspire to fill. Management has always been a discipline, from a traditional perspective. But Startup Management has been a bit more fluid and disorderly because of its novelty factor. The goal of having a certain discipline is not to instill rigidity, but rather to lower the risks of failure and accelerate the paths to success. What you see here is a Minimum Viable Product. You will find the following sections:

  1. Blog. Original posts that either dive into a new topic or pick-up on another topic that others have written about. We will link extensively to related issues around it.
  2. A-Z Lexicon & Wiki. We’re starting with a handful of terms. Like a Wikipedia of Startup Management terms. Being a wiki, we invite you to contribute and edit. Just signup and you’ll have these privileges.
  3. Knowledge Library. We’ve hand curated dozens articles, categorized and tagged. Everyday, we will add 5-10 new articles. Our mantra is quality, not quantity.
  4. Aggregate of Top 100 Blogs. We’ve selected the best blogs in the Tech startup world, and ran them through an aggregator. Just hit that page, and you won’t miss anything.
  5. Submit an Article. In the same style of HackerNews and Inbound.org, when you see a great article, just add it. Download the bookmarklet so you can do it much more easily. If you want to add one via email, just send it to submit@startupmanagement.org. You can vote and comment on the ones you like. We review these daily, and add the best ones the Articles Library.
  6. Books and Videos. We’ve curated a few books on an Amazon store where you’ll find the latest essential books for startups, and we’re curating a bunch of videos using a Shelby.tv channel.
  7. Memberships. If you’d like to modify the Wiki or receive email updates, you’ll need to register. There are future capabilities that will come if you register. Just click on your name after you register, and you can edit your profile.
You can read more about the details of our content organization madness. Finally, you may subscribe to receive notifications of new content via email, daily. Everything is free, but we may ask for a reasonable donation later so we can continue to maintain and improve the site while keeping it free of advertising predators. And for those of you who know me, I’m big on Commenting. So, the site has comments everywhere. If you don’t feel like contributing methodically to the wiki, just add something in the Disqus comment space, and we’ll take it from there. There is more being planned, but we’re starting with this MVP and see where it leads. Let me know what you think.]]>