1. Straight up Startup advice from experienced entrepreneurs, Clarity.fm Dan Martell and his team have assembled this quick read of insightful quotes from over 100 entrepreneurs, organized around 13 topics. 41 pages. 2. Creative Entrepreneurship, KPS+ Ventures Collection of articles from Tim O’Reilly, Pau Graham, Mark Suster, Steve Blank, Fred Wilson, Seth Levine, Chris Dixon, Dave McClure and others. 266 pages. 3. Growth Hacking e-Book, Conrad Wadowski & Mattan Griffel Conrad and Mattan from GrowHack (http://www.growhack.com) put together this very short guide on Growth Hacking. It’s like a primer for that topic. 26 pages. 4. 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes, HubSpot Inspirational marketing quotes from speakers at the HubSpot conference. Well done. 106 pages. 5. Breaking the Time Barrier, FreshBooks Mike McDerment, co-founder & CEO of FreshBooks tells the story of how he bootstrapped his company into becoming the #1 cloud software accounting service for small business. 70 pages. 6. Beyond the Blog – Business School for Startups, Fred Wilson A Best of Fred Wilson compilation of Fred’s best advice from his MBA Mondays blog post. 83 pages 7. Building the Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Startups, Ilya Mirman (via HubSpot) Short, but with very detailed frameworks and planning templates to kick-up your marketing. 21 pages. 8. Lean Startup Marketing, Sean Ellis A gem of a collection of Sean’s seminal blog posts on Startup Marketing. He coined the term Growth Hacking way back when. 121 pages. If we missed any good ones, please add them in the comments.]]>