Some of you that know me, already know of my work and experience in content aggregation, from the days of my previous startup Eqentia (founded in 2008), and even prior to it.

With that in mind, my latest project combines 2 of my interests: aggregation and cryptocurrencies. The result is a super aggregator of news related to Crypto-Tech,- covering cryptography-based software technology, blockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum, decentralized applications and open peer-to-peer protocols.

Like most projects, the motivation started as a personal problem I wanted to solve for myself: keeping track of all significant news, content, blogs and reports related to Crypto-Tech, in one place.

I started doing that in my Feedly where 144 sources are curated into a collection. If you have Feedly, you can just follow all the feeds I’ve curated here in my Bitcoin Collection:

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.24.11 AM

But what if you don’t use Feedly?

So, I put all these feeds into a WordPress site,, and it looks great on mobile with a response design.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.25.20 AM

There’s also a companion Twitter account.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.27.00 AM

If you inspect the list of feeds, you’ll find the usual Bitcoin related media sites, but also a number of company blogs, and ones from pundits, developers and experts. And on a daily basis, I manually add related articles from other sources, including relevant YouTube videos. If you are tired of jumping from Reddit to CoinDesk, and passing by the other newsmakers and bloggers, then OnCoins is for you. Think of it like the Techmeme of crypto-tech.

Finally, if you’d like to receive a daily email, you can subscribe to this list, and receive the last 100 links at 11am EST.

On the site, there’s nothing fancy in terms of design or advanced features. It looks like a river of news that is updated every 10 mins.

Recap of follow options

Feedly Collection

OnCoins Website


Daily Email (Subscribe link)

Some stats on the content

  • 144 Feeds (and I add more, weekly)
  • 200 new articles per day
  • 32,000 articles indexed, which makes the Search function useful if you are doing cryptocurrency related research.

I hope you find OnCoins useful.