Six weeks after the first version came out, I’ve updated the Landscape of Blockchain related companies and startups in the Financial Services space.

Thanks to all who provided input suggestions (special hat tip to Simon Taylor at Barclays). While the previous list contained 192 companies, the current version has 268 entries across the same categories, basically adding 76 companies to the mix. I’ve renamed Supply Chain to Trade Finance to more accurately reflect the function being served, and renamed Trading to Trading Platforms, since many companies in that segment were actually platforms for performing trades.

In terms of pinpointing where the major additions went, you will see the most swelling in the following categories: Capital Markets, Trade Finance, Banks, Trading Platforms, Compliance, Money Services, and Platforms.

Blockchain in Financial Services Landscape

Click here to get access to the List via Google Sheet. Once you request access, I will grant you permission.

High Res PDF Version

I’ve also been receiving requests for a high res version that can be printed as a poster. So, here is the link to download the latest PDF.

As usual, suggestions on the sheet or in the comment space below will be taken into account for the next update. If you’d like to always use the latest version of the landscape, please return to this page to get it, i.e. don’t assume that the version you have is the latest. Finally, a note on branding. You will notice Virtual Capital Ventures in the footer, and that’s the name of my upcoming VC fund. It was fitting that I used the label “Virtualscape”, a pun on landscape, and an inspiration from the famous Lumascapes from my friends at Lumapartners.  ]]>