On May 18th, I made a keynote presentation at OuiShare in Paris, titled The Promise of a Centerless World.  Specifically, the framework is around the 3 pillars of Decentralization. This was the first time I presented on Decentralization specifically, and covered some of the direction that I’ll be taking in my next book, Centerless.

  • Trust
  • Wealth
  • Information
  Each one of these pillars includes a set of topics that will be impacted, and they will constitute the bulk of my next research. The presentation is about 17 mins, and the Q&A with the moderator and audience about 13 minutes. I liked the Q&A part. Here’s the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/l5hK4YKxPSo?list=PL8Bt3EbdmpKOKPy57wesfC7SlWXBjYW6c   And here are the Slides on Slideshare: Hope you enjoy.  ]]>