Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.24.09 PMFollowing the Canadian version of Token Awareness, today I’m introducing Token Awareness, a global initiative to promote responsible token generation events and token-based models for entrepreneurs, startups, and industry practitioners. Token Awareness is mostly a curated collection of current and proposed best practices models and self-regulatory projects covering token generation events (TGE) and initial cryptocurrency offerings (ICOs). Throughout my interactions with the market, it was obvious that several groups around the world expressed the need for self-regulation and some jumped-in to propose projects to show how it would work. My belief is that, not one project, approach or self-regulatory project will dominate nor impose a process on the rest of the market, at least not at this point. Rather, the reality is a collection of such initiatives and projects that will intermingle with one another, and together, they will complete the picture, especially that the local vector is always omnipresent. The reality is that regulators will regulate, and the market needs to implement sound and responsible practices, which is the focus of this initiative. On the website you will find:

  • Compliance status from the major regulatory bodies, including significant updates from them
  • A list of best practices projects (current or in-progress), coupled with a reading list
  • A directory of organizations in the following categories: Associations, Regulators, and Lawyers
  • A comprehensive news feed, integrated via my other website OnCoins which aggregates news from 274 sites
Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.28.37 PM Over time, content will be updated via a careful and conservative curation of only the most essential and useful resources via the guidance of the Steering Group, and proposed addition that are submitted using this form. Anyone is encouraged to suggest content additions. We realize we have missed content, especially from Asia. The Lawyers list is also developing and needs beefing-up. To help steer the direction of this initiative, I’m joined by 4 unique individuals whose work I value tremendously. Each one of them is known for their extraordinary contributions: Selva Ozelli, Oliver Bussmann, Juan Llanos and Simon Taylor. Selva, who may not be as well known in the blockchain circles, has been researching the global regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies, with a focus on tax implications. Her latest paper, Regulations Fall on Bitcoin Around the World is excellent. We will add a few more people to this initial list in order to round-up and deepen the global coverage and expert oversight for this initiative.]]>