Tokens Usage. “The most important token is the one being actually used”. I’ve been saying that for the past few months, and recently 2 important stats came out to vindicate this claim: 53% of Ethereum transaction types are related to smart contracts, and Crypto Kitties has already done 2.8M transactions in the past 6 months. I’d like to see more such usage related metrics. 2) Tokens Classification. The regulatory environment (especially in the US) is casting a shadow on the future of token-based models. Currently, entrepreneurs and their lawyers are leading the way in classifying tokens as they see fit, but the jury is still out as to bona fide realities. The default trend today is that every token is a security, but I’m not sure this trend will remain that way. Here they are… Oslo Blockchain Day Edcon 2018, Toronto Podcast with Georgian Partners And here’s where the YouTube channel with some of my other videos.]]>