I wrote today an opinion piece on CoinDesk, with a provocative title, “Cut the Consensus: You Can’t Run a Business Like a Blockchain“. Its original draft title was Beware the Pitfalls of Decentralized Decision-Making.

It’s a 1,400 word essay arguing the important distinction between the “governance of blockchains” and “governance by blockchains.”

Five years ago, I had outlined an An Operational Framework for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. More recently, I have been involved in a DAO experiment, the Ethereum Marketing DAO, in addition to closely following the key projects in that space, and doing my ongoing research on decentralized governance and decentralization in general. So I have a lot of perspective, and a lot to say on that topic.

I’m supportive of the concept of decentralized autonomous organizations, aided by blockchain technology. But I believe that we are still tinkering with its application in the realm of business. We are at ground zero.

Here is the link to the article, “Cut the Consensus: You Can’t Run a Business Like a Blockchain.