I’ve been thinking a lot about DeFi, the latest significant emerging blockchain technology segment.

Despite the excitement and positivity surrounding it, DeFi is not on a good trajectory. DeFi users (just like its creators) are geeky. They are mostly crypto nerds or early adopters.

The innovation around DeFi merits that it grows beyond its early adopters beachhead, but it is facing headwinds because its growth will be limited if it doesn’t break out and start attracting more mainstream users.

For DeFi to thrive, it must enter the mainstream and attract those users who do not tolerate nor understand DeFi’s geekiness.

I’ve written a post on CoinDesk explaining why and how DeFi could grow further: For DeFi to Grow, CeFi Must Embrace it.

I do believe that the central exchanges have an opportunity to incorporate DeFi products into their offerings, but both sides have some work to accomplish, in terms of technical integration and market education.

Here’s the link to the article: For DeFi to Grow, CeFi Must Embrace it.