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The Leaping Startup

frog leapingI’ve been trying to understand why some startups leap through success once product/market fit is achieved, while others don’t. I don’t have a full answer yet, but some signals are emerging. A common pattern seems to boil down around the founder’s mistake of staying too close to the product and users, instead of starting to get closer to the business model. That’s the product/market fit’s dilemma“, when it is not accompanied by a business model realization.

Don’t Confuse Growth with Success, and Don’t Delay the Revenue Model

growth-successThere is a difference between success and growth. It used to be that growth was the result of success, but now, – companies are equating growth with success, and by doing so, they are taking risks in delaying the realization of their business model,- arguably the most important part of success. The reality of the Growth-Success conundrum is that growth is half the success. The other half is really revenue.

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