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2013 Canadian Startups Landscape Analysis: Full of US VCs and Still Low Investments (Mattermark Data Analysis)

Mattermark database, from January 1st to Oct 15th 2013, excluding Biotech, Cleantech, Pharma, Oil & Gas, and Medical Devices. Aside from 4 seed deals where the amounts weren’t public yet, the total raised was $438 Million (including the HootSuite Series B $165 Million swing deal). Contrast that with $190 Million on 89 deals with 2012. Is that good or bad?

Battle of the Tech Ecosystems: Boston vs. New York, with Mattermark Data

NY BostonWhen it comes to Tech Startups Ecosystems in the U.S. outside of Silicon Valley, New York is undisputedly the “other” pole of attention, but suddenly, there is increased attention on Boston. Can Boston become the third pole? What’s the reality? So, let’s review what is happening on the ground in Boston, then follow with an analysis of the last 100 venture funding deals in both cities, utilizing Mattermark data (published with permission).

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